Homies (Episode 1: Amewu)

Homies, Posts

Folks, this is my new series on artists I love. Episode one: Amewu.

This one is easy, because I am completely biased. Not only is Amewu’s music simply AWESOME but he is also a longtime friend of mine. But I think there are also more “objective” reasons to love Amewu (and his music). Here are three:

      1. He keeps it fucking real. As far as I know, he has never compromised on anything concerning his music. Making music, for Amewu, means doing what HE wants to do, not what others want to hear.
      2. He masters his skills. From a technical viewpoint, Amewu’s flows and rhymes are as good as it gets in German rap music.
      3. He is a conscious rapper. He always resisted the temptation to tune in to the macho-bragging behavior of most of his fellow (German) rappers. Ever noticed any homophobic, sexist, or otherwise insulting contents in his music? You simply won’t find theses. To the contrary, his lyrics are full of anti-homophobic, anti-sexist statements. How refreshing!

And now just watch this guy flowing like a river…at the record release party of his second album. I love you, Amewu!

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