Rational suicide bombers? (Book Chapter)

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From the perspective of rational choice theory, acts of suicide terrorism appear irrational at first. How can homo oeconomicus rationally decide to kill himself? In this contribution to Jahrbuch für Handlungs- und Entscheidungstheorie, Joscha Legewie and I critically engage with rational choice theory and its application to suicide terrorism. [Text is in German]

Legewie, Joscha, and Arno Simons. 2009. “Zur Rationalität von Selbstmordattentätern. Kritische Überlegungen Zur Anwendung von Rational-Choice Theorien.” Pp. 245–74 in Theorien der Verfassungsreform, edited by Susumu Shikano, Joachim Behnke, and Thomas Bräuninger. Wiesbaden.

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