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WALLONWALL is an ongoing photo exhibition at the back side of Berlin’s East Side Gallery, showing photographs of Kai Wiedenhöfer. The concept is deceivingly simple. The exhibition consists of a series of photos of walls that separate people worldwide printed on the remains of the wall that had separated East and West Berliners for decades, and which has since the “Fall of the Wall” in 1989 become a symbol for peaceful revolution.


I was inspired by the degree of self-reflexivity of this exhibition and came up with the idea to turn this into a little photo project of taking photos of photos of walls on a wall. I composed my shots in a way that on every photo you can still see some of the foreground (grass, stones, sometimes people). This creates interesting effects, because it is not always immediately apparent what you are actually seeing…a “real” setting or one of Kai Wiedenhöfer’s photographs?

PS: If you like this post check out my previous post on photographing photographers.

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